Acrylic polymer asphalt

austropox® GK4 / GK8

austropox GK2 - Asphaltasanierung

Spots in which
conventional cold mixes fail.

Product description:

Rapid-curing, flexibilised acrylic polymer asphalt with special additives and graded particle size distribution with a maximum grain size of 4 mm or 8 mm.

Application examples:

Pot holes in asphalt
Frost heaves in asphalt
Blowouts in asphalt
Defects in asphalt

Properties and benefits:

Fully resilient after a very short time
Cures extremely quickly even at low temperatures
Suitable for the highest point loads
Optimised complete system Impact-resistant and flexibilised
Completely frost-resistant
Completely resistant to de-icing salt
Very high abrasion resistance and tensile bond strength
Excellent resistance to acids and alkalis

You can find more information
in the technical data sheet:

austropox GK2 - Asphaltasanierung
austropox GK2 - Asphaltasanierung
austropox GK2 - Asphaltasanierung

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